Monday, July 7, 2008

Careful ... You'll Go Blind Doing That

Okay, so I've been googling myself lately. No, you shouldn't think like that. I'm referring, of course, to Google - the search engine. And yes, I'm fully agreeing with those who think that googling one's self indicates all kinds of psychological problems. I don't deny it ... I just deal with it.

However, with the release of the new book I've become accustomed to googling the title, (as well as myself), to see where it's cropping up in the world of booksellers. I figure that the more places my book sells, the better chance I have of someone accidentally buying it, right? (What is this, I thought I ordered Grisham's new novel? Oh well, this one has a funny title, maybe I'll keep it).

When one googles himself, I've realized, one finds that the world is not, in fact, a small place. You go through life - each day feeling as though you are special - as though you've been put here for a specific reason and to do great things. You feel as though you are the one among billions, a true individual completely different from all others and certainly capable of great things. Then, you find that your name ... I mean "YOUR" name ... doesn't even come up on the first page of google. Sure, there are William Douglas Little's in the first spot, but you know what? Not me. There are William's (in bold), Douglas's (also in bold) and all types and sorts of references to Little (yup ... bold and independent of the first bolds). As for me? I show up on like page 1,928 ... somewhere under "... Little people find difficulty in a tall world." I don't know what that means, except obviously I don't google well ... yet!
Unlike it's author, however, my book googles well. MEXICAN BOWL FISHING finds my book, (and my site), at the very top now. Hooray for the techy guys at Merus Solutions for making that happen. Hey, we beat out Amazon, which is no easy feat!

The fun part, I've decided, is scrolling through the search results for the book, (my name results are just frustrating), and seeing where it is for sale around the world. The different sites are quite interesting and I thought, (obviously I need more hobbies), I would share some of the links with you. Why? I have no idea. I guess this blog was just getting too damned entertaining or something. Gotta bore it down a little ... finds the book in Austria ... or is .au Australia? Okay, whichever. Whup, it's in English ... must be Australia. At least they'll be able to read it there. Interesting, Australian dollars are either valued much less than the American dollar, (is that even possible?), or those poor people are going to pay through the nose for my book! (Or, more likely, they won't). Here's one in the UK, which isn't all that interesting. I mean, they're pretty much like us ... without the flouride. Is Italian. "You talkin' to me?" ... or I guess, "You talkin' di me" maybe? Well, I guess "di" is actually "by". Nevermind. this one cracks me up. Japan. And, I hope that it does well there. I'll never know as I can't understand the characters that they use for letters and I'm assuming I'll not be able to read the sales reports. I wonder if they'll be paying royalties in Yen? (Or is that China?)
Those are the most interesting thus far. Or, perhaps they're not that interesting at all. I suppose that's within the eye of the beholder. But then, how interesting did you expect a posting to be considering that the poster has admittedly been googling himself? Honestly.
Yahoo! is next, I suppose. (Maybe it's time I got a real life?)
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